Sunday, May 13, 2012

Doggie Shenanigans...

We are not great at taking care of our front lawn. Every year we try, we lay dirt and seed, and it never works. Maybe we don’t water it enough? This year we are at it again, only this time we’ve been watering it every morning for about 30 minutes before we go to work. All the weeds were pulled out from the root, and sprayed with weed killer for good measure. We’re optimistic that this year we will not have the most awful lawn on our street. Fingers crossed.

Anyway, we are also trying to revive our backyard this year, since we now have a fence and want it to look pretty. We’re using one of those firing sprinklers, you know the ones, there’s a dance inspired by them??? This morning we turned it on and Leroy got out. Chaos ensued. Enjoy my friends, enjoy.


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